How citrus fruit & fibers are helpful in IBS

IBS is a disorder of gut and does not allow our lives to go smoothly

IBS is not life-threatening but with IBS person can not live a normal and healthy life

Oranges are good for the digestive system and strengthen it

Stimulates and speeds up the digestive system and is useful for IBS

You go to the washroom early in the morning. Your stomach becomes lighter, which makes you feel a proper appetite after eating oranges.

Fibers in oranges can reduces constipation and it is helpful in IBS-C

Excessive use of citrus, the more the digestive system will be stimulated, which can lead to discomfort in your abdomen

Overactivity of the digestive system due to excessive use of oranges can lead to empty of intestines and can start cramping

If you eat less sour citrus fruits you can benefit from it but too much use of sour oranges can badly affect your digestive system 

Very sour citrus can create discomfort in IBS patients, it could be the precursor of acid reflux