How cupping/ hajama beneficial in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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What is Cupping

Cupping is an ancient form of treatment that seeks to cure a variety of disorders without the use of medicine. Special cups that can be made of glass, plastic, clay, bamboo, silicone, animal horns, etc. are placed on the skin in such a way as to create suction in the space between the cup and the skin. This vacuum is suctioned with a flammable substance such as alcohol, paper, etc. Which spreads  skin and blood vessels. (Watch Video)

Before the cup is inserted, small cuts are made on the skin which removes extra cellular fluid and a small amount of blood and then the cup is cleaned after separation. This procedure is done continuously for 5 to 7 minutes. [1]The Design of Clinical Trials in Irritable Bowel Syndrome using Acupuncture and Related Meridian Therapies (

For what types of disorders Cupping, hajama can used?

These different types of disorders like blood pressure and headaches, to treat pain in the body, mental distress vessels, skin problems, sexual problems etc. [2]The medical perspective of cupping therapy: Effects and mechanisms of action – ScienceDirect

How is cupping/ hajama useful in IBS?

Because it is an ancient method of treatment and people have been treating themselves with this method since ancient times and even today cupping is used for IBS treatment.

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Small and large cups are placed on different parts of the abdomen and head and extracellular fluid is drawn to some extent.

There is no solid evidence that cupping is beneficial in IBS, but it is certain that cupping activates the sensory nerves and releases a variety of chemicals from the brain to heal the pain. These chemicals i.e., neurotransmitter present in the body.

Acupuncture is also a relevant techniques that are people using to correct the pain.  But when we discuss about Cupping it is also worth mentioning that other essential steps of IBS i.e., medication, therapies which are helpful in correcting the symptoms of IBS said method can be also supporting. And there can be significant benefits. If only cupping is done and the diet and mental stress which is the main cause of IBS remain the same, then there will be no positive effects.

Before cupping, you should discuss this in great detail with your regular doctor. After that, it is better to do this work with mutual thinking and cupping can be beneficial.
Patients with IBS should have their cupping done by a specialist so that its side effects like infection etc. can be prevented.

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How to benefit from cupping?

Research shows that benefits can be only with the help of other therapies along with cupping.

Is cupping harmful?

Cupping is not harmful, but care must be taken not to cause infection by applying it and in the same way, more cuts will not cause excessive bleeding. Cupping should always be done by a specialist.

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