Green peas and irritable bowel syndrome

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Use of Green peas and IBS

IBS is a debilitating disorder and it is not fatal, but its symptoms can be very distressing. People with this disorder have a hard time living a normal life.

Even with a mental disorder or a change in diet, this disorder becomes clear and lasts for hours. Everything for IBS patients will normal if he she adopt set pattern that favor in IBS symptoms. Eating is inappropriate will cause symptoms.

People with IBS  have to eat selected foods. Foods that may or may not reduce their symptoms. We cannot say that diet alone alone reduces IBS symptoms. At the same time you have to be mentally.

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Eating vegetables reduces the symptoms of IBS but not all vegetables are suitable for it. It is a complex disorder whose symptoms keep changing and the diet has to be used according to these symptoms.

How to use peas in IBS

Green peas are not suitable for IBS. Similarly, if the peas are used in other places like rice etc., they can also be a nuisance for IBS patients.

Peas are a vegetable and can be found in large quantities in any vegetable store in winter season. Peas are used in a variety of foods such as meat and peas, Eggs and peas, Peas with rice.

It is of great benefit to the general public as it is rich in minerals and carbohydrates. As far as IBS patients are concerned, peas are not suitable for them.

The main reason for this is that after eating peas, there may be severe gas as well as pain in the large intestine. Pain attacks can occur. This can cause all the bowels to stretch and you may even have to go to the emergency room.

An IBS attack caused by the use of peas causes severe pain and constriction in all the intestines. Once the symptoms start, the medications you are routinely taking lessen the pain and you need to see a doctor. Even after the symptoms go away, there is continuous pain for two to four days which is felt by touching. [1] [2]Microsoft Word – HVMG_Roseman_FODMAPs and IBS (  [3]Role of FODMAPs in Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Mansueto – 2015 – Nutrition in Clinical Practice – Wiley Online Library

How to use IBS patient peas

People with IBS should try to avoid using peas or pea products.
And if eating peas is unavoidable, use raw peas. Cooked food can cause problems.
On the other hand, do not use red pepper in peas at all. Eating with a small amount of pea with black pepper reduces the symptoms to a minimum.

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