Can acupuncture therapy is helpful in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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What is acupuncture therapy?

It is a type of therapy in which very fine needles are inserted into different parts of the patient’s body and then rotated 360 degrees slowly.
There are acupuncture points on different parts of the body where this procedure is repeated.
Points include lower torso, ankles, arms, and so on.
It is a technique used to treat a variety of disorders such as knee pain, neck pain, green headaches or body aches as well as IBS without medication. [1]Acupuncture therapy: mechanism of action, efficacy, and safety: a potential intervention for psychogenic disorders? | BioPsychoSocial Medicine | Full Text ( 

Acupuncture therapy and IBS

IBS is a debilitating disorder, the symptoms of which require the patient to take regular medication along with their favorable food and drink, which can be very distressing for them. For a while, patients continue to use the medication, but after a time patients move on to steps that minimize their symptoms of IBS other than regular medication. Among these measures, a variety of therapies are also very important. And peoples try to reduce the symptoms of IBS without the use of drugs.

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How to use acupuncture therapy in IBS

The extent to which acupuncture therapy is used in IBS and the extent to which the patient recovers from it is simple. The simple answer is that research is needed to know more about its results. As far as the patient’s complete recovery is concerned, there is a temporary benefit, but it is not a complete cure for IBS.
In the same way that this procedure involves inserting fine needles into the body, the SOPs must be taken care of and at the same time the positive feedback of the patient must be included.

Acupuncture therapy for IBS is done using different methods such as selecting different parts of the abdomen and head and then inserting very fine needles into these parts and then carefully rotating them 360 degrees. It is thought to activate the sensory nerves and transmit information to the brain, and the brain releases chemicals that reduce the sensation of pain. [2]Acupuncture treatment in irritable bowel syndrome | Gut ( [3] [4]Effect of Acupuncture in Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial (

IBS also has pain in the abdomen, so acupuncture can reduces the severity of the pain.
Regardless, some people have concerns that you should not have a puncture, as this increases the chances of getting an infection, etc. People all over the world get acupuncture.
If you are IBS patient and are thinking of getting acupuncture, then you must read its pros and cons first.

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