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Following are some important FAQs about Irritable Bowel Syndrome

1. Do IBS patient should make their own food chart?

Yes, Patient should perfectly make the chart and this chart there should be two categories. In a category, In first category favoring food list and in other category not favoring list will be present.

2. What should IBS patient should be observed before going to the doctor?

The IBS patient should observe symptoms some days before going to the doctor, if he is a similar sign of the IBS, and he is not doing well, then he should go to the doctor.

3. Do IBS patient should be worried?

The IBS patient should not be worried at all, it should take care that he has become a disorder with which he has now spending time. Only adjust with disorder.

4. Do you have to eat the recommended medicines of the IBS for long time continuously?

The continuous use of any medicines according to own thinking can be harmful. Medicine should be taken only with prescription of doctor.

5. How to reduce the anxiety due to IBS?

If a patient is worry due to symptoms, then he should think that it is a disease and it will go with life and only take steps to lower the symptoms.

6. If the case of emergency is enclosed, what should the IBS patient tell the doctor?

In the situation of emergency, the patient needs to tell the doctor about the old history of his IBS. how long this is, how symptoms are showing and which symptoms are being displayed and what types of medicines has taking, so easy to treat the doctor.

7. Does small meal is beneficial in IBS?

Yes it can reduces IBS symptoms?

8. Does use of hot water bottle on the abdomen can reduce the symptoms of IBS?

Patients who have IBS-C will continue to carry a hot bottle of water on their stomach, and intestines which will be of great benefit to them.

9. Can too much work increase the symptoms of IBS?

More work and more mental exertion can increase the symptoms of IBS.

10. Can IBS symptoms reduce sex life?

Yes, if the symptoms of IBS are appearing then it can affect the sex life.

11. Is Low fodmap chart gives the same result in each patient?

A food map is a chart that have food list that can reduce the symptoms of IBS but does not mean that the outcome may be the same for all patients. It can different for each patient.

12. Colonoscopy is helpful in diagnosing IBS?

Doctors do colonoscopy in IBS but it only shows the internal condition of the intestines that there is infection or cancer etc. It does not know why the symptoms of IBS are appearing.

13. How long does IBS last?

IBS can stay with a person for a long time, in some cases it gets cured in a few days and in some cases it can last for a long time.

14. What is the place of pain in an IBS patient?

IBS patient has abdominal discomfort as far as pain is concerned, then there is pain inside the colon, which is the lower part of the large intestine.

15. Can IBS cause bleeding in the stool?

There is no bleeding in the stool due to IBS. If there are symptoms like IBS and bleeding in the stool then you should see a doctor immediately as it may be a sign of another disease like cancer or ulcers.

16. Can IBS occurs in animals?

Yes, IBS is also found in animals as reported it can be found in dogs and cats.

17. IBS can also cause death?

Not at all, IBS is a painful but not life-threatening or dangerous enough to cause death.

18. Can IBS pass from one generation to the next?

IBS can be passed down from generation to generation. It has also come to see cases where the grandfather had IBS, then the father had IBS and then the child also. But not confirmed. Research required for confirmation.

19. Is IBS and Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome the same thing?

IBS and inflammatory bowel syndrome are two different disorders. Yes, it is true that the symptoms may be somewhat similar in both.

20. Why is IBS more common in women?

It is true, The main reason for this is that women are emotionally weak and they also have menstruation which can be one of the reasons.

21. Can IBS be reduced with natural methods?

IBS cannot be eradicated, but a diet should be used to reduce the symptoms of IBS, as well as to reduce the worries that make the symptoms worse.

22. Colon pain is caused by IBS?

Yes, pain in the left lower part of the abdomen called colon is a symptom of IBS.

23. Why do IBS symptoms occur due to anxiety?

IBS is a disorder in which the gut does not function properly. When the brain is disturbed it is not able to properly signal the gut, due to this symptoms can appeared.

24. Is IBS a Disability?

No, there is no such disability. It is a functional disorder.

25. Is IBS an autoimmune disorder?

No, IBS is not an autoimmune disorder.

26. Why Dietary Fiber gives Benefits in IBS?

They soften the food and help the food move through the gut. That’s why dietary fiber is known to be helpful in IBS.

27. Is IBS contagious?

Absolutely not. IBS is not a infectious disease that can be passed from one person to another.

28. IBS can cause vomiting?

IBS does not cause vomiting. However, it is possible that vomiting may occur if food poisoning or any other disease is present with IBS.

29. When does IBS start?

The reasons for the onset of IBS are not yet known but it is possible that it may be due to an infection or more mental stress.

30. At what age is IBS more prevalent?

IBS can occur at any age, but most often it occurs at a young age.

31. Can IBS occur after pregnancy?

Yes, IBS can occur after pregnancy. The main reason is that there are hormonal changes in a woman and if there is any increase or decrease in it, it can also be a reason.

32. Can we control IBS?

We can reduce the symptoms of IBS by changing our attitudes and our diet and lifestyle.

33. Is IBS is fatal?

Absolutely not. IBS does not cause death.

34. IBS medications should be taken without a doctor’s advice?

It should not be taken without a doctor’s advice as it can cause harm.

35. Is a small amount of urine may come after an IBS attack?

Yes, urine can come out from body little by little after an IBS attack. It can affect the gut as well as the urinary system.

36. Which people are more likely to have IBS?

People who are emotionally weak, as well as those who are living in a situation where they are under a lot of stress, may show symptoms of IBS.

37. Can IBS cause pain in testis?

Exactly, the same patients who have IBS and have pain in the colon may have pain in the testicles on the left side.

38. How can new patients with IBS reduce their symptoms?

Newcomers who do not yet fully understand the symptoms of IBS should continue to use medicines after regular consultation.

39. How long does IBS live with a human being?

IBS can last a lifetime and can be gone in a day or two.

40. Can IBS be detected by a blood test?

No, IBS cannot be detected, but IBS-related diseases can be detected by blood tests.

41. Can Hemorrhoids and IBS Combine?

Yes, Hemorrhoids and IBS can be combined.

42. Does falling asleep reduce IBS symptoms?

Sleep reduces the symptoms of IBS.  The person does feel calm and the symptoms disappear.

43. Does a yellow mucus come from an IBS patient’s stool?

Yes, white or yellow mucus can come from the stool of an IBS patient.

44. How to reduce anxiety due to IBS?

Being happy, interacting with people, understanding yourself and changing your behavior can minimize the symptoms of IBS.

45. Is IBS more common in older people?

Never seen such a thing in older peoples but symptoms of IBS are more likely in young.

46. Does drinking more water help reduce the symptoms of IBS?

Yes, excessive use of water reduces the symptoms of IBS, especially the symptoms of IBS-C in which constipation occurs. It helps us to alleviate this constipation.

47. Are yoga and exercise helpful in IBS?

Yes, yoga and exercise can reduce the symptoms of IBS.

48. IBS patients may be obese?

It has been observed that IBS patients not obese because they eat very selective foods and use less food.

49. Do IBS patients think more?

It has been observed that people who are over-thinkers or mentally retarded may be more likely to have IBS.

50. IBS can cause a heart attack?

Absolutely not. IBS does not cause heart attack.

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