Can hypnotherapy favor in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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What is hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

It is important to understand hypnosis before understanding hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is basically a mental condition in which a person increases the concentration of his brain thinking. And the process by which this transliteration of the method used in hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a method in which human brain concentration is enhanced and some results are obtained in such a way that the thinking state of the human brain changes and this makes the patient feel very calm.

Hypnotherapy is used in many medical conditions such as insomnia, menstrual problems, psychological disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, pain relief after surgery, mental problems, etc. It can be used to correct many physical ailments. This is a technique used in which no medication is used at all and an attempt is made to alleviate the patient’s medical condition. [1]Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Emerging of Science-Based Hypnosis | IntechOpen

IBS and hypnotherapy

IBS, which is a debilitating disorder in which the patient spends time in constant distress, is mainly due to its symptoms which keep on changing and cause distress to the patient.

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IBS is a chronic disorder that requires the patient to take a series of steps to reduce his / her symptoms, such as medication, changes in his / her behavior, changes in his / her diet as well as therapies. Hypnotherapy is one of the most important part of a person’s IBS.

Hypnotherapy procedures at IBS

In this procedure, the hypnotherapist allows the IBS patient to focus his thinking, mind and eyes on a single place.
A number of procedures can be devised for this. Some of these procedures are below.

In hypnotherapy, an IBS patient is seated in front and one or more of the above procedures are used to try to focus patient’s brain. This increases the chances of reducing the symptoms of IBS.
The reason behind this is that IBS is receiving messages from the brain which are not giving normal instructions to the gut due to which it is not working properly.

Hypnotherapy involves focusing the brain primarily on the other side, in order to reduce or eliminate the inconvenient instructions. As soon as this happens, the symptoms of IBS start to decrease.

Can Hypnotherapy reduce the symptoms of IBS

Hypnotherapy is common procedure in many area of the world and people try to rush hypnotherapist for their mind relaxation as well as for their psychological issues. As for as IBS concern it can help in certain circumstances and for short period of time. If a IBS person facing some behavioral and psychological condition like stress or anxiety than and IBS symptoms begin to start, than hypnotherapy is a option and it can help to reduce the stress and after releasing stress or anxiety, IBS symptoms will also gone. But it is not a permanent solution of IBS.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is hypnotherapy works in IBS?

Yes, it can reduce the symptoms of IBS, but it is not sure that patient will recover completely. 

Can Hypnotherapy causes harm in IBS?

Hypnotherapy did not appear to harm anyone

Can you use IBS medication along with hypnotherapy?

This is done with the advice of the doctor and the hypnotherapist and the patient. This can be done if the doctor looks at the symptoms, medications can be used.

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