Psyllium (Isabgol) benefits in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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The Psyllium (Isabgol) is the husk on top of of Psyllium seed. It is basically a fiber and is a fiber that is very soft and swells when put in water and is not harmful to food.

According to research, it has been used to correct the digestive system, soften it and for relief in constipation. The Psyllium (Isabgol) available in almost every country in the world. It also has no food allergies or side effects reported.

Psyllium (Isabgol) and IBS

There are basically two types of IBS: IBS-C (constipation) and IBS-D (Diarrhea) occurs that leads to the stool becomes thin.

The Psyllium (Isabgol) is beneficial in both cases of IBS. The main reason for this is that Psyllium softens the stool if constipation is a problem, and makes it easier for it to pass through the intestines. On the other hand, if diarrhea in IBS-C, Psyllium makes jelly-like shape in gut, which reduces the excretion of water and salts from the body. [1]Dietary fiber in irritable bowel syndrome (Review) ( [2]Psyllium: The Gel-Forming Nonfermented Isolated Fiber That D… : Nutrition Today ( [3]The Effect of Fiber Supplementation on Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis (

How Psyllium (Isabgol) can be uses in IBS

Psyllium can be used in different situations in different ways. The details of this method are given below.

Psyllium with water

Put two tablespoons of Psyllium in plain water and mix it in water and drink it as soon as it dissolves in water.
Psyllium should be used with water when you are using spicy food i.e., food which is likely to cause symptoms of IBS. It will be beneficial to use Psyllium immediately after such food. One thing to keep in mind is that immediately after the meal, when the Psyllium is put in water, it is drunk as soon as the solution is dissolved.

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Psyllium with yogurt in morning

It is also suitable in IBS if it is used in the morning by putting it in yogurt. The main reason for this is that Psyllium softens the esophagus as well as intestines and on the other hand, yogurt contains probiotics which are very beneficial to the digestive system. [4]

What is the benefit of Psyllium (Isabgol) with sugar?

Yes, if a patient has IBS-C, it has a significant benefit. Sugar accelerates the movement of the gut and the Psyllium softens the gut, which helps to get rid of constipation and reinstate gut in to original state.

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