Mineral and deionized water and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Dr. Abadullah Sajid Bashir

IBS is a disease in which the patient suffers from a variety of symptoms such as abdominal pain, pain inside the colon, gas, diarrhea, constipation, etc. It is difficult for him to lead a normal life and he always tries to get rid of these symptoms. 
IBS patients need to consume foods that help reduce their IBS symptoms, as well as drinks that may benefit them from IBS.

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Mineral water and IBS

It is very important to drinking water in IBS very carefully. The main reason is that the salts in the water can disturb the gut process. Can disrupt the ion balance around the membranes, which can lead to IBS symptoms complaints. For normal person, can drink normal tap water but there if there is a patient of IBS can be face problem.

The main reason for this is that there are tiny holes in the gut membrane called ion channels. Mineral ions in water can pass through these channels and create action potentials. This can lead to cramping or pain. [1]Effects of Alkaline-Reduced Drinking Water on Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea: A Randomized Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study (hindawi.com)
Therefore, patients who suffer from IBS should drink mineral water very carefully or drink only mineral water which is easily available in the market without any symptoms of IBS (This can done with own experience). 

Drinking deionized water in IBS

Deionization is water that does not contain any ions such as sodium, potassium, etc. It is pure H2O.

Deionized water is very good for patients with IBS because it is very light and does not contain ions which are present in mineral water. Does not disturb the function of gut.

When it comes to water, IBS patients should drink water wisely. Deionized water is good for IBS patients. Water that is high in salt and heavy water can disturb the gut and show symptoms of IBS.

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