Does Breakup contribute to symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Dr. Abadullah Sajid Bashir

Breakup is basically the name of separation from a loved one. You go into a special relationship with someone, live together for a while, and get separated for some reason or special reasons.

Because you have been together for a long time, you miss this person. This attitude is found in human beings. You see this broken relationship in two ways. Either you think that you have been abused. Or to some extent think you shouldn’t have been with that person.

And you have a feeling of remorse. After some people are recovered and some people put it on their mind. And this process goes on for a while. As long as you live in such a state, your brain is trying its best to normalize you. The brain is exerting more force to normalize you which leads to digestive complications and in the case of IBS, the result is obvious.

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Do emotional people have more IBS?

Yes, that’s right you can. In emotional people, their brains are constantly engaged in making chemicals that can get the person out of the emotional state, nor can they normalize the person. Chances are high and more often than not, such an emotional person becomes an IBS sufferer.

How to get out of an emotional state

This is a difficult task but not impossible at all. You must first realize that if you are emotional because of it, it can lead to various diseases and disorders. It will hurt a lot and that is why you have to deal with this situation very wisely so that you do not have any kind of disorder in which there is a particular eye base. [1]1307.full.pdf (  [2]Impact of psychological stress on irritable bowel syndrome (

Here are some ways to do it for lower IBS

Personal motivation

Convince yourself that what happened has happened. Don’t make the same mistake again. You came out of the cycle of blaming yourself or the next person. Now just think that I have to stay healthy.

Visit countryside

Go to a place where you can get fresh oxygen quietly. Staying with specific area where you got disturbance also removes the emotional state.

Spend time with friends

Spend time with your sincere friends in such a way that your attention is not diverted to an emotional state. Remember your old past and try to be happy with your friends. Get out of trouble.

Spend time with the baby

One way to get out of an emotional state is to spend time with the children so that you will see the child’s play which will not distract you from the pain that you have received in the form of your brackets.

Spend time with animals

In order to spend time with children, it is easier and more convenient to spend time with animals. Your anxiety will be less. Won’t you give more importance to your breakup and your attention will be more towards animals and It will give you solace and comfort. You can raise a dog, a cat, or a bird and spend time with them.

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