Is eating radish in irritable bowel syndrome helpful

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Radish is a root that is used as a vegetable and is also an important and basic ingredient in salads.

It is a cold season vegetable and people love to eat it. It has a very good effect on health and it is very useful for the digestive system. As well as eliminating deficiencies, it is also important to get rid of waste products from the body. 

Why do IBS patients eat radish?

As we know, patients with IBS think before eating anything that they will not show symptoms of IBS after eating it.
And they use a very thoughtful diet and as far as radish is concerned, it is a very suitable and healthy vegetable which is also very suitable for IBS patients.

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It not only reduces the symptoms of IBS but also helps to minimize IBS symptoms.
If the feces is accumulated in the intestines due to IBS-C ​​and is not coming out of the body, then it also plays an important role in getting it out of the body. [1]Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Controlling Symptoms With Diet | Michigan Medicine (

How to use IBS patient radish

It is worth mentioning here that if you eat radish cooked in spices, it will show you the symptoms of IBS which can sometimes cause severe pain.

Eating radish as a salad gives good results and does not allow the symptoms of IBS to appear. Even if radish is eaten at night it helps you a lot.

Radish, salt and lemon

If you want at least the symptoms of IBS and want to live a normal life then you can cut radish and eat it with a little salt and squeeze a lemon on it. It will make you happy and you Will make your digestive system feel very light.

People who do this give very good reviews that they have benefited from doing so and the symptoms of IBS have decreased.[2]SFM-Lebanes_Radish_Salad_Recipe.pdf ( .

Caution when eating radish in IBS

You should try not to eat bitter radish at all. Eat sweet and fresh radish. If you are in a situation where you have to eat spicy food, then eat radish in salad. It will be very beneficial for you.

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