How sugarcane juice is beneficial in irritable bowel syndrome

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Dr. Abadullah Sajid Bashir

There are a variety of diets and precautions to reduce the symptoms of IBS that may vary from person to person. It is also a factor that a person who has had IBS may have If the food is beneficial then the same thing may not be beneficial to the other person.

Therefore, it is important for a person who is an IBS patient to adjust their diet according to their needs and symptoms.

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There are many foods that are not compatible with IBS and may benefit in other situations.
As far as sugarcane juice is concerned, it is an energy-rich liquid that is high in carbohydrates, and its use guarantees health.

Sugarcane juice should be used wisely in an IBS patient because as soon as you drink the juice, your digestive system will speed up, which can lead to cramping and it happens when your intestines or your digestive system are empty of food.

When your stomach is empty and you use sugarcane juice on top, your chances of developing IBS symptoms increase.[1]Wren-S-48752-AAM.pdf (

How can sugarcane juice benefit IBS?

If your stomach is full of food and you are suffering from IBS, i.e., your food is stuck in the digestive system, then you should drink sugarcane juice, it will stimulate your digestive system and you will get relief soon. Will be found, that is, it will help to empty your digestive system.

When and how to use sugarcane juice

Use sugarcars only in IBS-C. Do not add any chemicals that make the taste good.
Walk for 30 minutes after drinking sugarcane juice. This will expel the gas in your field from your esophagus in the form of belching. And your digestive system will be stimulated and you will get relief and ease. 

On the other hand, if you drink on an empty stomach, it will also produce gas and speed up the digestive system, which can lead to the symptoms of IBS.

Drinking sugarcane juice on an empty stomach is great for a normal person but for an IBS patient it can cause symptoms like cramping and gas.

If you like sugarcane juice, you should use it or not. Diabetics are suffering from IBS too. Do not use sugarcane juice at all.

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