Milk consumption at night and irritable bowel syndrome

Last Updated on November 18, 2022 by Dr. Abadullah Sajid Bashir

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not life threatening but it is a disturbing disorder. People having IBS can not live a normal health life. 

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Milk is a complete food, it contains carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, and approximately everything that the human body needs.

Like other mammals, human babies use milk as food and their health improves.
We all know that IBS is a complex disorder and it is not yet fully understood. The main reason is that its symptoms keep changing. This is a disorder of the digestive system, but it also affects the brain. As for milk concerning milk, consumption has an impact on the health of IBS-bearing people.

Milk consumption and IBS

As far as the use of milk is discussed in IBS, that is, whether milk should be used in IBS or not.
So the use of milk does not give any significant benefit to IBS. Because its use increases the cramping, i.e., the symptoms of IBS start coming and over-stimulation of the digestive system.

There have been symptoms of IBS since then and if a person consumes milk from above then his problem of IBS will become more acute which will start abdominal pain and it is time to take your medicine. 

And if you use milk at night, you run the risk of having severe bowel movements at night and in the morning, and the stool comes out intermittently and with irritation.

The explanation for this is that milk makes some people acidic which causes a lot of confusion in your digestive system. It is time for you to sleep at night and you cannot sleep properly. And when it is morning, the stool does not come open. 

Because gas is produced in the process of digestion of food inside the stomach and intestines. This gas sometimes goes ahead and sometimes goes backward in the digestive tract due to IBS symptoms that create very discomfort. [1]


We have a lot of patients like this. There are those who say that if they use milk or milk products, they will have a lot of problems and discomfort. This confusion can continue approximately all night. so consumption of milk and milk product is not more favorable in IBS.

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  • Dr. Abadullah Sajid Bashir

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  • Dr. Muhammad Khan Malik
  • Syeda Noor-ul-Ain Naqvi

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