Is eating potatoes triggers Irritable bowel syndrome

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Potato is a very desirable food and people eat it happily and it is almost the most preferred vegetable among the vegetables and so is the vegetable used.

It is available in every vegetable market easily. People love to eat it in the form of chips and we can easily get these made chips from the market for a small amount of money.

Potatoes come to give you energy when you don’t have a normal diet and you buy packets and also homemade chips are available. It gives you energy till then. The ability to give until you find your normal food. Potatoes is a very useful vegetable for a normal person, but it is not suitable for patients with IBS.

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Why potatoes are not suitable for IBS patients

For people who suffer from IBS-C, when they eat potatoes, their digestive system will start cramping and it will continue till it comes out of the body of the cramping person.

At the same time, the problem of gas may also increase. It has been observed that potato starch increases the symptoms of IBS and causes anxiety as well as mental confusion in IBS patients.

This may be due to the use of chips or fried potatoes as well as boiled potatoes. However, it has been observed that symptoms of IBS, the use of fried potatoes such as chips, etc. are more common than the use of boiled potatoes. [1]Diet in subjects with irritable bowel syndrome: A cross-sectional study in the general population | BMC Gastroenterology | Full Text (

Use potatoes in IBS

As mentioned above, IBS patients should try to reduce the consumption of potatoes as it can cause symptoms of IBS and this can lead to significant pain in the colon ie lower colon.

The pain will start in the colon and lower part of the abdomen. At the same time, gas problems in the stomach will also increase.

And if you have used potatoes at night then you are not easily relieved in the morning washroom. And you will have frequent bowel movements and it will be a big problem for you. [2]Foods to avoid with IBS: What trigger foods not to eat (

How to reduce the symptoms of IBS caused by potatoes

The best and the best solution is to use excessive water and even plain water that does not contain minerals. If available, use deionized water.

Talk to your doctor if still not recovering, use the medicine prescribed by your doctor.
These people with IBS try to avoid consuming potatoes. it can bring symptoms of IBS in the person.

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