Can I eat high protein foods in IBS

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disorder that makes patients unable to lead a normal life. That is, the symptoms of IBS continue to cause problems for the person. These symptoms include abdominal pain, gas, sometimes diarrhea and sometimes constipation, etc.

The patient continues to use the drugs prescribed by the specialist to reduce the symptoms, after which the patient tries to use the drugs as little as possible and to make his diet and lifestyle in such a way that its symptoms will decrease. For detailed information regarding IBS click here

The role of diet in IBS

IBS can caused by the mismanagement of the nervous system and the digestive system at the same time, so diet is very important. And after a while IBS patients basically go in the same direction i.e., use selected diet.

Protein foods and IBS

Protein-rich foods in IBS, if taken properly and thoughtfully, can be beneficial for IBS. But on the other hand, if these foods are used inappropriately, IBS symptoms can also occur along with IBS attacks.

If a person continues to consume eggs for several days in a row, consumes a lot of pulses, eats meat for a week or more, then the patient is at risk of having an IBS attack. If the consumption of fiber is low and the consumption of pure protein and milk and pulses is high, an IBS attack occurs, for which the patient may have to go to the emergency. If you want to know the details about IBS attack, click on the link below.

One of the causes of IBS attacks due to high consumption of protein is that more gastric juice is released from the stomach to digest the protein, which activates the digestive system. Similarly, after digesting protein, the absorption of water in the large intestine is also high, which causes constipation. Therefore, if a large amount of protein is consumed continuously, the symptoms will develop and this is not good for IBS patients. 

There an important thing for consideration, that is, if protein consumption is necessary, so low amount of animal protein should be used. On the other hand plant based protein is best for IBS patient. [1]Nutrition Guideline – Irritable Bowel Syndrome (

If protein is causing IBS symptoms, how to reduce it?

The best and best solution for this is to use the medicines prescribed by the doctor, if the symptoms are not getting better, he should consult the doctor as soon as possible and use fiber food etc.

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