How lemons are good for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a gastrointestinal disorder in which patient could not live a normal life due to its symptoms. The symptoms of IBS are very annoying and it includes discomfort in abdomen, gas, cramping, diarrheas, constipation, pain in colon etc.

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Lemons are members of citrus and its many varieties. It is used as food and is a good antioxidant and cleanses the liver well and is very important in expelling waste products from our body.

 Use of lemons and IBS

The use of lemons in IBS can give you some benefits. It can stimulate your digestive system and reduce the discomfort of your IBS. It can balance your Peristalsis and add some comfort in severe IBS conditions. Following some information by which lemons can add some value in your life. [1]Vejdani R., Shalmani H.R., Mir-Fattahi M., Sajed-Nia F., Abdollahi M., Zali al. (2006) The efficacy of an herbal medicine, Carmint, on the relief of abdominal pain and bloating in patients … Continue reading

Use of lemons in IBS-D

You can use lemons in IBS-D in the following ways

If you take two glasses of water and put three grams of salt in it and cool it and put a lemon in it and then drink it, it will normalize the digestive system because IBS-D, If the movement in digestive system is increased then by doing so it will become normal.

But this method can only be done for IBS-D. It can benefit you in two ways that the salts that are excreted due to your diarrhea will be replenished with salt and lemons will give you more.  Will reduce movement

Use of lemons in IBS-C

Lemons in IBS have such benefits that if you put sugar inside the lemons and add three glasses of water and drink it, your stagnant digestive system will be stimulated and your stagnant food will be stimulated.  Going forward, we know that sugar has the potential to stimulate the digestive system, and if we use lemons with it, we can get very useful results.

But remember that this method i.e., sugar and lemon water should only be used in IBS-C because if you use it in IBS-D you will not get the results because In IBS-D, the digestive system is already in motion. In such a situation, you may have IBS pain.

When to use sugar and lemon syrup. The method is to use this syrup in the morning.

It will flush out the feces in your digestive system within 30 minutes to an hour and will clear your digestive system completely.

You should use sugar syrup in the morning for seven days in a row. This will give you a lot of benefits in IBS-C but remember that you should not use sugar syrup in this way continuously as regular consumption of sugar will very good for your body.  It can cause damage to the bowels. You should only do this if you are having more constipation and the symptoms of IBS are persistent and you want to do something in an emergency.

Can the misuse of lemons in IBS cause harm?

Yes, if you consume more lemons, the symptoms of IBS may increase. Gas may build up inside your stomach and intestines, it will be difficult to get rid of gas and cramping. Collectively, There is a lot of confusion inside of digestive system it more consumption of lemon is present.

Different patients use salt and sugar with lemon and water in different situations. You should also use it according to your situation and need. Patients who are suffering from diabetes should not use sugar at all.  Be sure to consult your doctor once and for all.

Consumption of Lemon Juice and pulp in IBS

If you are deciding to consume pure lemon juice or pulp in the condition when you have IBS, Than stop for a while and think that Lemon is full of citric acid which can be corrosive for walls of digestive system. Similarly, it can stimulate digestive system with over production of digestive juices. If a IBS patient already facing the IBS symptoms like abdominal cramping, this lemon juice will not be beneficial in any case. So, pure lemon juice with large quantity is not good for IBS. On the other hand, Lemon pulp has less amount of citric acid as compare of pure lemon juice so, in dilute form it can be use, according to need. 


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1Vejdani R., Shalmani H.R., Mir-Fattahi M., Sajed-Nia F., Abdollahi M., Zali al. (2006) The efficacy of an herbal medicine, Carmint, on the relief of abdominal pain and bloating in patients with irritable bowel syndrome: a pilot studyDig Dis Sci 51(8):1501–7

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