Paratha (battercake) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Paratha is a food which is very popular in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Most of the Jats of Punjab have breakfast with paratha which is a high energy food. [1]Paratha – Wikipedia

How is paratha prepared?

Bread is made by kneading wheat flour well in water and frying it by adding Vanaspati ghee (Vegetable Ghee) or desi ghee/oil on top of this bread and this is basically Paratha.

Types of Paratha

Paratha is basically bread fried in ghee but it is tried to make it more delicious by various auditions like Potato Paratha, Radish Paratha, Onion Paratha, sugar Paratha etc.

Is Paratha shows IBS symptoms?

Paratha shows the symptoms of IBS as it is a heavy food so the digestive system finds it very difficult to digest it. Similarly paratha causes gas in the stomach, if the symptoms of IBS are running. So there is difficulty in emitting gas which makes the patient face difficulties. In the same way this food can start crimping and cause discomfort to the patient.

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How to reduce the symptoms of IBS after eating Paratha

It has been observed that people eat paratha in the morning and they start showing symptoms within a few hours, so it should be ensured that if paratha is used for breakfast in the morning, then also use fresh yogurt. 

And if the symptoms appear after eating paratha and the stomach is bloating, then a bottle of hot water on the stomach and intestines gives relief. Similarly, drinking a lot of deionized water and drinking it continuously gives out such symptoms.

If the symptoms still do not go away then the medicine prescribed by the doctor should be used. Patients with IBS should try to minimize the use of paratha for breakfast.

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