Eating capsicum and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Dr. Abadullah Sajid Bashir

Capsicum is a vegetable that is basically a large chili and is readily available from the market in different colors like green, yellow and red, etc. It has the family Solanaceae and it is widely cultivated as bell pepper. It is eaten as a vegetable and is also eaten with salad and in a barbecue.  People love to eat it and it is one of the most important vegetables in the world. It is easily available in almost every country of the world.

Eating Capsicum in IBS

If you are an IBS patient then capsicum will not give you much benefit.
It has been observed that if you eat capsicum, then you start showing symptoms of IBS in which abdominal pain is the most important and significant. Gas will also build up in the gastrointestinal tract. Cramping inside the intestines also increases.

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If you use it at night, you will not be able to sleep well at night. It has been observed that in most people it is as mentioned above that the symptoms appear but on the other hand, it is also that some people do not have more symptoms. The patient has to see for himself how the effect of capsicum.

How to reduce the symptoms caused by capsicum

If you have used capsicum as a salad or as curry and you are constantly showing its symptoms, use the medicine prescribed by the doctor as soon as possible.

In the same way, immediately after eating capsicum, use the Psyllium Husk with a glass of water.
This will make the digested food like jelly, which will reduce the symptoms of IBS.

If the symptoms are still appearing and no symptoms are disappearing, then moving the hot water bottle over the abdomen also increases the motility of the digestive system.
Use fresh yogurt in the morning, which will clear your digestive system quickly and will also eliminate the symptoms caused by capsicum.

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