How to use barley in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a traumatic disease which does not cause death of the patient but it also makes it difficult for the patient to lead a normal life. The reasons for its appearance are being investigated but the real reasons have not been revealed yet.

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It is definitely linked to mental disorders and digestive problems. People who suffer from this disease, whether male or female, lead a troubled life.

It has also been observed that these people get tired of using drugs over and over again and then become attracted to adapt their diet and their behavior in such a way that they have minimal symptoms of IBS. [1]Microsoft Word – Irritable Bowel Syndrome (

How barley beneficial in IBS

Barley is very good in IBS if used properly. Here are some details of using barley.

Use of roasted barley

If you clean the barley and roasted in salt and then use it, you will get significant benefit in reducing the symptoms of IBS. What is the point of doing this if it is at night? because it contains a large amount of fiber which plays an important role in cleansing the esophagus and moving food forward in the digestive system.

As we know, the major problem with IBS-C is that the food stays in the digestive system as it does in IBS. It is easy to pass if you eat barley at night before bed.

How to make roasted barley

First you take the barley and clean it thoroughly. After cleaning, you heat the salt and then put the barley inside the hot salt and start roasting. The barley will be roasted within 15 minutes. Separate the roasted barley with salt and store in an airtight container. Eat two tablespoons at night after eating and drink some water and go to sleep. 

Use of bread made from barley and IBS

Bread made from barley is very useful for IBS. The flour contains mineral iron but it also contains a large amount of fiber which strengthens the digestive system. They are less prone to IBS symptoms.

Use of barley based carbonated water and IBS

Barley which are very useful in IBS but on the other hand if carbonated water is made from barley then it does not take long for the symptoms of IBS to appear. The main reason is that carbonated water produces the symptoms of IBS. It causes gas and cramping in the digestive system as well as pain. [2]Effects of carbonated water on functional dyspepsia and cons… : European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology ( [3]irritable_bowel_byndrome_ibs.pdf (

Similarly, if we talk about barley and IBS, then the fiber in it is the real factor that is strengthening it. But when it comes to carbonated water, the fiber is removed from it. Therefore, we can say that the use of barley flour or roasted barley is useful for IBS but carbonated water made from barley is not suitable at all.

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