Is cucumber good for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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If you or someone you love is worried about IBS and trying to get information about it, then you must read this article.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disease that makes the victim unable to lead a normal life.
An IBS patient sometimes complains of gas while sitting, sometimes he is bothered by constipation. Gas builds up in the gastrointestinal track, sometimes cramping starts. The patient also complains that he pass stool in difficult way. Some complaint there is burning after stool.
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What foods do IBS patients eat?

An IBS patient tries to eat a diet that causes the least discomfort and leads a healthy life. Based on their previous experience, the patient chooses foods that will reduce IBS symptoms, such as vegetables and fruits, juices, and foods that are beneficial.

How to eat cucumber in IBS

Cucumber is basically a vegetable that is eaten very fondly as a salad. Cucumber is fruit of the plants, Cucumis sativus. [1]Cucumber | plant | Britannica

Its consumption is very good for normal person as it has high water content which helps to compensate for dehydration. It is very beneficial for a normal person, but for an IBS patient, it is not at all beneficial to the patient. That is, after eating cucumber, the symptoms of the IBS patient begin to appear. Abdominal cramping and gas formation are common.

Immediately after eating cucumber, nothing like IBS symptoms happens, but as time passes and the food moves forward in the alimentary canal, the symptoms also begin to appear. Along with the patient’s stomach, there is also a negative change in the attitude that the patient is irritable and anxious.

One more factor is very important in eating cucumber. Some peoples use different spices with cucumber for more delicious taste. This can be very bad for IBS patients and it can enhance the symptoms of Irritable Bowel syndrome.

How to Reduce IBS Symptoms by Eating Cucumber

If you are suffering from IBS and have eaten cucumber and you are also showing symptoms of IBS then try to eat full stomach. In order to reduce the cramping that is happening, use the medicines prescribed by the doctor.
Eating cucumber does not cause an IBS attack, but it definitely causes discomfort, so wait until the food is out of the body.

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