How is eating pistachios good for IBS?

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Pistachios are basically the fruit of a tree Pistacia vera. This plant has been cultivated in many counties of Asia and Europe. In Europe Pistachios plant has transferred from Asia.

After the pistachio fruit is ripe, it is soaked in salt and and roasted it for usable i.e., used as a dry fruit.
Pistachios are used in various food items such as rice, ice cream, sweets and also eaten as a dry fruit. It is very healthy and nutritious, rich in minerals and vitamins that keep the body energized.

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

IBS is a disorder in which the digestive system is disturbed in such a way that sometimes stomach pain starts, sometimes gas, sometimes white mucus in the stool, and sometimes constipation and sometimes diarrhea. The patient does not die from this disease, but his life is not as healthy as that of normal people.
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How is eating pistachios in IBS?

As mentioned above pistachio is a very tasty fruit and people eat it with great enthusiasm and it occupies a prominent place among dry fruits.

It is a very useful food for a normal person. Similarly, IBS patients can also eat pistachios, but in small quantities. If pistachios are eaten continuously and in large quantities, it must have an effect on the patient, i.e. symptoms of IBS will appear. Inside the stomach, you may experience symptoms like pain and gas. People who are also suffering from IBS and eat pistachios and drink milk after eating pistachio, they will definitely have IBS symptoms, including small stomach disturbance. Gas complaints along with cramping are common.

On the other hand, if ten to fifteen seeds of pistachio are eaten in a day in proper way, it will not show any kind of symptoms to the patient. It is very important to understand that eating pistachio in large quantity is not favorable for IBS patients. It can disturb the normal function of gut. It is true that this dry fruit is very tasty and every one want to eat it in large quantity but if you are a IBS patient than eat in limit number.

One more thing that is very important is that pistachio has not involve in lowering your IBS symptoms. If you have already IBS symptoms than don’t eat pistachio.

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