Can ice cream reduce irritable bowel syndrome symptoms

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is abnormal gastrointestinal condition in which patient can not live a normal life due to its symptoms i.e. gas, Diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain.

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People eat ice cream as a desirable food and eat it in a happy mood. As far as adults are concerned, ice cream is very good and beneficial and is a source of relief for the digestive system.

When people go on outings, they eat ice cream. In the same way, ice cream has its own place in the guests and in many celebrations.

Ice cream is made from milk in which the proportion of air is also very high. You can call it milk and foam process ice cream.

IBS patients and ice cream use

People who suffer from IBS, when they consume ice cream after meals, especially after dinner, have a significant reduction in the symptoms of IBS.

If you are using spicy foods and you are starting to show symptoms of IBS, then you should use ice cream after a meal and do it in large quantities, it will definitely give you relief for a while.

If you remember, you will definitely walk with it, because if you only use ice cream and don’t walk, you will not get the desired results.

Since ice cream is cold and cools the stomach a little, its temperature lowers it to some extent which plays an important role in reducing the symptoms of IBS.

But using ice cream for IBS is not a permanent solution at all. You can use ice cream for a while to reduce the symptoms of IBS.

This means that if you are in a place where you had to eat a diet that you do not eat routinely or which causes you to start having IBS symptoms, you should use ice cream as soon as possible. Will benefit a lot. [1]GMJ-62-139-En.pdf (

Which type of ice cream do you use in IBS?

You should use only pure ice cream in IBS. Do not use any ice cream which has cakes, fruits, etc. in it.
Patients who are in chronic  IBS may benefit from the symptoms of IBS for a short period of time.

How ice cream will be worst for IBS Patients

Ice cream will be not beneficial for IBS patients when they consume it on an empty stomach. it is only beneficial when you have already IBS symptoms and you should use simple ice cream, no additives, and only use quiet after dinner it shall reduce the symptoms for a short period of time. [2]

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1GMJ-62-139-En.pdf (

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