Mangoes are good in Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

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Mango is a very tasty fruit and in Asia and other world it is easily available in summer season. Mango is found in hot humid regions and there are many varieties of it. People love to eat it and it is also called the king of fruits.

Along with its aroma, it also tastes very good and it gives full energy to the body after eating. Mango contains a lot of nutrients which is a sign of health.

Mango contains a lot of minerals as well as carbohydrates which play an important role in balancing the body’s metabolism.
There are many types of mangoes food, as well as mango pulp and juices available to you in all seasons. [1]Mangifera Indica (Mango) | Pharmacognosy Reviews (

Eating mangoes in IBS

Its depends on patient to patient. It can only cause symptoms due to higher level of sugar. But Research also show’s that eating mango is beneficial for IBS patients. It is beneficial in two ways. If one has IBS-C, then consumption of mango dissolves constipation and softens the bowel.

This is because the fiber in mangoes helps soften the food and move it forward in the system. Similarly, if the food is stuck in the digestive system, it also helps to push it forward. Mango is helpful in balancing the digestive system.

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IBS-D, on the other hand, has the general benefit of balancing gut movement as well as helping to replenish minerals in the body that are rapidly depleted due to diarrhea. In the same way, it strengthens the body and gives nutrition to the body.
Because mango is soft and full of fiber, it passes through the gut very easily and does not cause any problem for the gut at all. As a result, the stomach feels light. [2]Beneficial Effects of Mango Fruit in Cardiovascular Disease

How to use mango in IBS

If you have IBS, you can eat mango as you wish. It does not hurt. If it is necessary to use plain mango, if you put some additive in it which is suitable for IBS. If not, then you may have symptoms of IBS. Mango Juice, Mango Pulp, Mango Shake, Mango Ice Cream etc. in which only mango is used gives benefit for IBS. 

In what ways is mango harmful to IBS?

Mangoes are helpful in IBS but in some cases it should not be eaten.
1. If there are severe symptoms of IBS-D, its use should be stopped. It dilutes their stool. In IBS-D, the stool is already thin. It can do harm instead of benefit.
2. Un-ripened mango can be harmful. 
3. If you use mango with milk, you may have gas problem.
4. There are many varieties of mangoes. Select from them which type is giving you more benefits. Adjust yourself accordingly and take the same type.
5. Take care of your hygiene while eating mango as not doing so will definitely put you at risk of infection.
6. After eating mango, use water for half an hour so that we can dissolve it well.

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