Yellow or white mucus in feces in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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IBS is a chronic disorder in which a variety of symptoms appear. These are the symptoms that afflict the patient, such as abdominal pain, colon pain, constipation, diarrhea, etc.

The nature of the symptoms of IBS varies according to its type. But it is certain that the patient spends his time in constant distress.

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As far as the presence of yellow or white mucus in the stool in IBS is concerned, it is absolutely correct.
Frequent bowel movements and secretion of yellow or white color mucus with bubble-like Suds are also a symptom of IBS. However, it is important to note that mucus does not occur frequently. If a person has eaten a diet that is not at all conducive to IBS and has started to show symptoms, then there is a strong possibility that mucus will be excreted along with the stool.

Are all types of IBS emit mucus?

Yes, mucus is excreted in almost all types of IBS but its nature is different. In IBS-C, since the stool is hard, mucus can be seen coming out of the body and it will be jelly-like in structure. On the other hand in IBS-D it will be more watery. [1]BowelProblems.pdf (  

Is mucus excretion related to food type?

Yes, foods such as potatoes and foods with high fodmap intake are more likely to cause excess mucus in the IBS.

Does the colon hurt after the discharge of mucus?

Here also the results are seen according to the patient and thus the type of IBS is also very important here. This condition is more common in patients with IBS-M than in those who have symptoms of IBS-C or IBS-D.

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