How peaches and peach juice are beneficial in IBS

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Peach is a delicious fruit and is used as an antidote for the digestive system. It has a very different taste and people eat it very fondly and it is a useful food. It can be found in the hilly area and can also grow in open agricultural area. It can be available in small and big shopping malls in the form of can juice. Peach pulp is also available and people use it for energy and refreshment.

IBS and peaches

As we know IBS is a disorder and it causes a hindrance to the patient to live a normal life. The symptoms of IBS are the main reason which keeps the patient worried and the patient leads a difficult life. It has been observed that initially when this disorder occurs to them, IBS patients use the medicine recommended by the doctor, but gradually IBS patients turn to their food, diet that will show the least symptoms. 

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As far as the use of peach is concerned, it is consumed as a fresh fruit and its fresh juice is also drunk.

Experts’ opinion about the use of peaches

Eating peaches is especially useful for IBS patients. It gives considerable benefit in reducing abdominal pain. As in IBS, the fibers present in it soften and push it forward the food inside the intestines, which is of considerable benefit in reducing the symptoms of IBS-C. [1]Low FODMAP Diet.pdf (

In which cases peaches should not be used in IBS

Although peach is useful for IBS, in some cases its use is not so beneficial but can cause harm and start showing symptoms of IBS. Some details are below.

Canned peach juice

Canned peach juice is easily available in the market. It is good and useful for common people. But the chemicals in it, which prevent the juice from spoiling, play an important role in the symptoms of IBS. 

If the peach is not ripened

It will be difficult to digest. If you want to eat peaches try to eat ripened one. If a peach is unripe and sour even if it is fresh, it shows the symptoms of IBS. That is, we can say that if someone has IBS, they should not eat raw peaches because it will give them IBS like gas and discomfort.[2]

Should fresh peaches be chewed and eaten?

If the peach is fresh and a little hard, it should be chewed and eaten in small pieces so that it is easily digested by the digestive system and does not cause stomach upset.

Only fresh, well ripened and comparatively sweet peaches can be beneficial in IBS.

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