How continuous eating is beneficial in Irritable bowel syndrome

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Dr. Abadullah Sajid Bashir

Patients with IBS constantly take steps to reduce their IBS symptoms as much as possible. Whether it’s the eating factor or adjusting their attitude to psychology, IBS patients are constantly trying to reduce their symptoms. Selection of food is most crucial part in IBS management. [1]irritable_bowel_byndrome_ibs.pdf (

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How eating regularly can benefit IBS

For patients who are suffering from cramping due to IBS and are constantly in the same condition and are not recovering from the medicine prescribed by the doctor, one of the best and appropriate solutions is a diet that can free of IBS symptoms. So keep eating little by little from till relaxed.

The main reason behind this is that when IBS is being cramping, the bowel movement becomes irregular, which sometimes causes symptoms like pain, sometimes gas and sometimes discomfort.

Now if you are constantly eating small amounts of food then the food will be constantly going in the stomach and the movement of food from the mouth will continue to move forward, its effect will go to the end of the digestive system. The disturbed motion will reduced and the symptoms of IBS will also reduced.

Apricots, roasted lentils, raisins, roasted barley, some kind of dry fruits etc., or any other dried food which does not cause symptoms of IBS under normal circumstances, can be eaten. If you are not getting rid of symptoms, you must now walk for half an hour in the evening so that your food reaches the colon and you can easily leave the washroom in the morning.

The only way to avoid IBS is to adapt yourself to its symptoms so that the symptoms are minimal.

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