Benefits of eating morning yoghurt in irritable bowel syndrome

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is disorder of gut by which patient can not live a normal life due to its symptoms.

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Eating yoghurt in IBS

Yogurt has been used for centuries and is good for health. People also make yogurt at home and can by it from the market.

There are different types of yoghurt, such as buffalo milk yoghurt, cow’s milk yoghurt, goat’s milk yoghurt, which is easily available in the market, but pure and good yoghurt is the one that is heated.
Yogurt has many benefits. No, it contains many probiotics which are effective in improving the digestive system and guarantee health.[1]The nutrition and health benefits of yoghurt – MCKINLEY – 2005 – International Journal of Dairy Technology – Wiley Online Library

We know that IBS is a neuro-gastro-disorder that can cause symptoms in any one of the brain or digestive systems, which can lead to poor digestion. 

Yogurt contains probiotics that help digest food as well as softens it and helps it move forward and eliminates the cramping that is causing IBS. [2]ijcmr_2952_v1.pdf [3]P1152.pdf ( [4]Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) (

How to use yogurt in IBS

Use of  yogurt in the morning is very useful. If you suffer from constipation due to IBS or IBS pain and you have had a hard night, then you should use fresh yogurt in the morning. There will be significant benefits. And your symptoms will be freshen.

You can use yogurt in IBS in the following cases:

Yogurt and sugar

If you have constipation and IBS and the IBS is cramping intensely and no waste products are being excreted out of the body, you should use sugar in yogurt and keep the sugar content high. This will benefit you within half an hour to an hour and the feces will be removed from the body and your stomach and intestines will be cleared and you will feel lighter.

Use yogurt and table salt

If you have IBS-D, you should mix salt in yogurt and eat it in the morning. If you have high blood pressure do not use salts otherwise, your digestive system will be normal and diarrhea will be reduced and also balanced salt balance.

And your digestive system will start working better. One of the benefits of this is that the salts that are excreted due to diarrhea are eliminated to some extent by the use of salt.

Use water mixed with yogurt

It is also very good to use water mixed with yogurt. If you are using yogurt with sugar or salt and make yogurt lassi (Hindi Word) then you will benefit from it and the symptoms of IBS will go away.
But one thing to keep in mind is to use sugar yogurt only in IBSD and salt yogurt in IBSD.

Essential instructions for using yogurt in IBS

  • Yogurt is fresh
  • Yogurt should be pure
  • We will try to keep the yogurt in the house.
  • Do not eat small amounts but larger in amount.
  • Do not eat anything for two hours after eating yogurt.
  • Eat something after two hours because your digestive system will be empty within two hours due to eating.
  • If you do not eat something then there is a risk of recurrence of IBS symptoms.

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