Use of onions in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a gastrointestinal disorder in which different type of symptoms like gas Diarrhea, constipation can leads person life difficult. 

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Onion is a good vegetable and people use it. It is also eaten raw as a salad and cooked.
It has also been used as a medicine for centuries. It is a guarantee of health for a normal person and is effective in eliminating digestive diseases, especially germs that are present in the digestive system. [1]Paper Details | JRRS (
It also helps in lowering cholesterol [2]Effect of onion on blood lipid profile: A meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials – Huang – 2021 – Food Science & Nutrition – Wiley Online Library. It is also playing an important role in cleansing the stomach.

The use of onions in IBS

The use of onions in IBS has not been found to be suitable. We have many patients who claim that when we use onions, the symptoms of IBS begin to appear more severe. [3]Onion and Garlic, Could these be exacerbating my IBS? (

Some patients also say that as soon as they eat onions, their head starts to ache.

And they become confused and this process continues till the stools come and the digestive system is emptied or the eaten onions come out of the body.

In the same way, on the day when the use of onion, that is, the use of raw onion is increased, the stool comes out slowly or comes little by little. There is confusion in the digestive system wherever food is passing.

Use roasted raw and boiled onions in IBS

The use of roasted and raw onions in any form of IBS increases the symptoms of IBS and causes a lot of digestive problems.

But one thing that has come to light is that if it is unavoidable to use onion then it should be boiled and then it should be used with any other vegetable then it would show less symptoms of IBS.

But it is very important to take care that the boiled onion is mixed with any other vegetable. Onion alone stimulates the digestive system a lot and the symptoms appear.

People who have symptoms of IBS should use onion wisely and if it is causing problems then they should stop using it or reduce it.
And if the symptoms have increased due to eating onions, see your doctor as soon as possible. It can lead to mild or severe IBS Attack.

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