Can I eat chickpeas or chickpea lentils in IBS

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Chickpeas are a very tasty and nutritious food. People use chickpeas very fondly. These can be easily available in every country of the world. They are a great source of plant protein. It has different types and can vary in color like brown gram, black gram, white gram, etc.

Gram is also used in dry fruits. Its curries are also eaten, similarly it is used in fruit salad etc. Gram flour is also ground to make different types of food items. After removing the husk of gram, its pulse is made. Its curry is also very tasty. Spiced gram and roasted gram are also easily available in the market. Roasted gram in salt is also a favorite dish and people eat it with great enthusiasm.

What is IBS?

IBS is a digestive system disease in which the patient is unable to live his life in a normal way. The patient sometimes has symptoms like stomach pain, sometimes gas, sometimes diarrhea, sometimes constipation, etc., due to which he is worried. Lives

Use of gram and gram pulse in IBS

There are differing opinions about the use of chickpeas and chickpeas pulse in IBS, but a general consensus is that chickpeas or chickpea products can relieve moderate IBS symptoms.

Use of gram pulse

If gram pulse is a curry or roasted and is rich in spices, it can cause IBS symptoms. Gram pulse itself can cause gas in the stomach and if it contains spices. They are also not suitable for IBS. If gram pulse is being used in IBS, try not to eat it and if you must eat it, then eat it sparingly. Be prepared to endure the symptoms of IBS.

Eating whole gram in IBS

As far as the use of whole gram is concerned, it can be eaten in IBS, but eating it in large quantities can cause problems.
Whole chickpeas show less IBS symptoms than chickpeas lentils, mainly due to the husk on top of chickpeas, which contains fiber that helps soften the food and push it further down the alimentary canal. It is important.

White gram, black gram and IBS

It is very important here that if you consume black gram instead of white gram, you will experience less symptoms of IBS. But compared to black gram, white gram shows more symptoms of IBS. Black gram has a thick skin, which benefits the gut.
Similarly, if you consume fruit salad that contains white gram, you may also experience symptoms of IBS.

Solution of IBS symptoms caused by chickpeas or chickpeas lentils

If you are consuming chickpeas or chickpeas lentils and you are experiencing IBS symptoms. If gas is forming inside the stomach, take medicine prescribed by doctor as soon as possible and drink putting dates in warm water. Similarly, turning a hot water bottle over the stomach also helps. If there is any symptom in the stomach. If you are not feeling well, consult a doctor.

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