Dates with warm water are beneficial in irritable bowel syndrome

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Dr. Abadullah Sajid Bashir

Dates are a very tasty dried fruit. It is also available in fresh condition but it is mostly found in dry condition and is a very powerful and useful fruit. It contains a large number of sweet carbohydrates such as glucose and fructose which provide direct energy to the body. Dates are a healthy food for almost everyone except diabetics.

Eating of dates and IBS

IBS is a disorder in which the patient has to choose the food very carefully so that the patient has the least symptoms.

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As far as the dates are concerned, it is a very useful and important food in IBS. It also activates the digestive system and is very good and energetic for health anyway. People who suffer from IBS should use dates as as according to their symptoms.

It will help to reduce the symptoms it use in proper way. It will also bring a pleasant feeling. And the fiber in it will also play an important role in softening the food inside the digestive system and moving it forward. And the stool will come out of the body easily.

How does dates are beneficial during IBS symptoms?

If you are suffering from persistent IBS symptoms then you can benefit from the following procedure.

Dates in warm water

You boil a glass of water and add six to eight dates in it and let it lie for ten minutes. Then take a sip and drink it, it will benefit you a lot. Your body, It will become lighter and will also stimulate the digestive system in such a way that along with the dissolution of gas. 

IBS will also significantly reduce its symptoms. One thing to keep in mind is that dates in hot water, Make sure you walk for at least half an hour after eating and walk too fast which will get you out of the washroom early in the morning and you will feel very light and healthy. Diabetic, reduce the use of dates.

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