How eating guava is beneficial in irritable bowel syndrome

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IBS is a disturbing disease and although it is not fatal, it is nothing less than a torment for the patient. There are many types of IBS like IBS-C, IBS-D IBS-M, etc. Different types of symptoms such as gas formation, inability to pass stool, abdominal pain, cramping can occur in this disorder.

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The causes are not yet known but it is certain that the disease is caused by persistent mental distress or permanent irregularity or infection of the digestive system. Once this disease occurs, it is almost difficult to get rid of it. Due to which the patient always tries to minimize the symptoms of this disorder. [1]irritable_bowel_byndrome_ibs.pdf (

Importance of fruits in IBS

Fruits are the part of the plant that makes the most delicious flavors that cause them to scatter their seeds. Fruits contain a lot of nutrients as well as fiber which are useful for human digestive system. They also guarantee health.

Not all fruits are suitable for IBS, as far as IBS is concerned. Patients with IBS have to be very prudent in consuming food. Similarly, these patients have to be very careful in consuming fruits. This is done to minimize the symptoms of IBS. And their lives were happy. Banana and Sour fruits promote the symptoms of IBS [2]Addressing the Role of Food in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptom Management – PMC ( but juicy fruits contain good and healthy ingredients like guava. 

Eating of guava in IBS

Guava is a very tasty fruit and people love to eat it. Its skin is not hard and it contains seeds. The plant of guava bears fruit twice a year and this fruit is found in almost every hot and humid region of the world. It is also easily available from fruit shops in cold regions. Guava is a good and beneficial fruit in IBS. 

It can be used in two famous ways. The details are as follows:

Guava juice

You can use guava juice. The method of making it is to take three large guavas, wash them well and cut them into small pieces.
Take two glasses of water and put two to three spoons of sugar in it. Then put the chopped fruits in this water and blend it.
If you want to cool down, add small pieces of ice. Your guava juice is ready and you can drink it. Doing so will significantly reduce your IBS symptoms and stimulate the digestive system. Diabetics should not use sugar.

One thing is that need to consider, in some patients of IBS eating guava can cause gas related issues but over all this fruit is beneficial.

Eat guava in a simple way

You can take ripe guavas, wash them well with water and cut them into pieces. You can use lemons with salt to taste. It will be very useful. But one thing to keep in mind is that guavas should be ripe. Less ripen guava should not be used. [3]

Fruit chaat/ salad made from guava and IBS

If a simple guava is used or drunk with juice, it does not harm and strengthens the digestive system. On the other hand, if it is used as a fruit chaat, it disturbs the digestive system and may show symptoms of IBS.

The main reason for this is that the other fruits, spices and cream in the fruit chaat start the symptoms, so whenever you use guava, eat it plain or make its juice and drink it.
The seeds and fiber in guava are very beneficial for the digestive system.

One thing to keep in mind is that whenever you eat guava or juice, do not drink water for about an hour after that.

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