Is Spinach Good for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Spinach is a green leafy vegetable and is an iron rich diet. Health experts recommend spinach use that it naturally contains a large amounts of minerals which play an important role in meeting anemia and other iron deficiency related disorders. [1] [2]Spinach 14.pdf (

Spinach is eaten with great interest in Asia as well as in the rest of the world and is no less than a blessing for a healthy man. It is cooked and eat with a potatoes, with meat and as a simple curry.

Spinach use in IBS

Although the use of spinach is welcome for an ordinary person, it is not at all favorable for an IBS patient. After the eaten of spinach, the intestines begin to show signs of gas as well as IBS related symptoms, which continues to last as long as it is present completely inside the body.

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The creaming of IBS begins which causes pain. Due to spinach, the gas moves back and forth in the intestines causing distress to the patient. [3]The Best and Worst Foods for IBS – Cleveland Clinic

How to reduce IBS symptoms due to spinach use

If you are using spinach and you have started showing symptoms, tap over hot water bottle, or warm cloth on the stomach and intestines which will make you some relief and try to get you to sleep a little quickly because you will continue to show symptoms as long as there is spinach inside your body.

Get up in the morning and drink hot water and walk for half an hour to get your digestive system empty quickly. Use medicine only when the symptoms are not controlled and medicine only what your doctor has prescribed to you.

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