Eating peanuts and irritable bowel syndrome

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Dr. Abadullah Sajid Bashir

Observations have shown that the use of peanuts is not compatible with IBS and can create symptoms like abdomen pain, gas and mucus.

IBS is a debilitating disorder and its symptoms do not allow the patient to lead a normal life.
Sometimes abdominal pain, sometimes intestinal confusion, sometimes constipation and sometimes motions, IBS keeps changing its symptoms.

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This causes the patient a lot of anxiety and he takes care of his diet and lifestyle as well as medication to get rid of these symptoms.
As far as diet is concerned, an IBS patient has to eat very carefully selected food which can minimizes the symptoms of IBS.

Use of peanuts in IBS

Peanuts are a nutritious food that grows in sandy soils. The plant provides seeds in the form of  pods in the roots along with soil fertility. It is then roasted and then made usable. It is also very tasty and healthy. It is also used in sweets and is eaten anyway.

Observations have shown that the use of peanuts is not compatible with IBS.
You may suffer from intestinal pain as well as pain in colon. Similarly, if you use it at night, sleep may be disturbed.

People mainly use peanuts at night in cold weather. This is great for normal people and people who are not suffering from IBS.

On the other hand, it is not good for people who have IBS. As mentioned above, it causes pain in the colon, mucus in the stool and issue of gas in digestive track. If the patient eats it at nigh, So he/she spends the night in trouble and distress. There are many cases like this which have been mentioned same. People suffering from IBS seem to say for peanuts that it is not suitable for them.[1][2]

How to reduce the symptoms caused by eating peanuts

If you are consuming large amounts of peanuts and you are experiencing severe IBS symptoms, use warm water as soon as possible.

Use Isbabgol and if the symptoms still appear, take the medicine prescribed by the doctor which you take routinely to reduce the symptoms.

Get up in the morning and do not eat anything. Eat only yogurt with sugar and plenty of water on top of it.
Patients with diabetes should not use sugar, only plain yogurt. By doing so, the contents in the intestines will be easily expelled from the body and the symptoms will be reduced.

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