Effects of eating fruit salad in irritable bowel syndrome

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Dr. Abadullah Sajid Bashir

Fruit salad has a very pleasant taste and people love to eat it and it is a very healthy food. It is made by cutting different kinds of fruits into small pieces and cream is also added in it. Which makes it even more delicious.

Dried fruits are also used in the fruit salad which enhances its taste. This mixture for different fruits is available in all the countries. Children, young and all age group people like to eat it with addition of syrup and other additives that make it more delicious.

Can I eat fruit salad (Fruit Chaat) in IBS

The use of fruit salad in IBS is not very good as it can show the symptoms of IBS. If you eat fruit salad and do not eat anything after eating it or if it is said that you are only eating fruit salad and not eating anything else then you will start showing symptoms of IBS.

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This includes gas, bowel cramping and discomfort. Similarly, if you use fruit salad at night while sleeping, it becomes a very painful for you. Fruit tool will cause gas which will cause discomfort all night and the patient will be in trouble.

Resolving IBS symptoms due to fruit salad (Fruit Chaat)

If you are experiencing symptoms due to fruit salad, the following solutions are available

Eat lots of food

You will not only eat fruit salad (Fruit Chaat) but you will eat a lot of food after eating it. Your stomach will be full and your system will be busy digesting this food. Similarly, you have to eat some natural fibers i.e., Isabgol (Psyllium Husk) before sleep it will clear you in morning.

Use hot water

If you are experiencing symptoms of IBS due to fruit salad (Fruit Chaat), you should take tap hot water bottle on your gastrointestinal track and keep drinking hot water. Use the medicine only when the symptoms are not being tolerated. Use the medicine only as prescribed by your doctor.

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