Pain in scrotum (testicle) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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IBS is a chronic disorder in which there are many symptoms that make it very difficult for the patient to lead a normal life. Sometimes there is pain in the abdomen, sometimes there is discharge of mucus, sometimes there is gas, sometimes there is cramping in the intestines, etc. The patient suffers from anxiety. The symptoms of IBS continue to appear and the patient live in a stressful life.

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What is Varicocele and testicles pain?

In men with varicose veins, a cluster of veins inside the testicles, which causes a blood flow stoppage. The the vein inside testicles do not discharge blood properly and it remain in the veins, causing pain. The main reason for this is that the valves inside the veins in the varicose veins get damaged and do not close properly, the blood stays there instead of proceeding in a natural way and causes pain.

How IBS can enhances pain in testicles

We know that IBS is a neuro-gastrointestinal disorder in which the digestive system does not work properly and causes anxiety for the patient. The digestive system sometimes starts working fast and sometimes it become slow.

There is pain in the colon and also severe gas issues formed. When someone with IBS also has Varicocele, this condition can cause pain in the testicles. The main reason is that if a person has IBS-C and constipation, due to constipation In the same way, if the intestines bloated due to gas, and the vein can cause blockage in the blood due to gas pressure on Gonadal vein. And it feels like the abdominal pain is due to the testes. And at a time there will be many type of feeling i.e.,

  • IBS pain
  • Pain in testicles
  • Abdominal pain due to testicles
  • Pain in testicles due to IBS symptoms

Gas present in gastrointestinal track can be the reason of blockage in the blood in vein. So, pain started due to this symptom of IBS.

How to get rid of testicles pain caused by IBS

The best and best way to do this is to try to get rid of the symptoms of IBS as soon as possible, even if you use a hot water bottle and turn it over get specially on large intestine. Drink plenty of water to soften the food.

Try to use the medicine prescribed for IBS. Use fiber etc. so that the food stoppage in the gut becomes soft and is expelled from the body. If it is discharged, the obstruction in the gonadal vein will removed and blood supply will be restored and varicose pain will also be end.

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