Is there any benefits of eating Luffa in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome? 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic disorder whose symptoms keep changing and the patient is constantly in a state of anxiety. Sometimes abdominal pain, sometimes gas, sometimes colon pain, sometimes diarrhea or constipation are all symptoms of IBS.

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Because this disease goes with the patient for a long period of time, the patient has to take such steps to minimize the symptoms and lead an almost normal life. He/she also changes his lifestyle as prescribed by his doctor and adopts a lifestyle that will help him/her significantly in reducing his symptoms.

An IBS patient is also very careful about their diet, avoiding foods that can aggravate IBS symptoms. Eats a variety of fruits and vegetables in his diet to reduce his IBS symptoms.

How to use Luffa in IBS

Luffa is a vegetable found in hot humid regions, and it is very famous in Asian countries. It is one of the summer vegetables and is easily available in large quantities in different parts of the world. Scientifically, it belongs to  cucumber family (Cucurbitaceae) and people eat it with passion.

How is Luffa eat in IBS?

Luffa is useful in IBS It can be used to reduce the symptoms of IBS i.e., if you eat Luffa you will have less symptoms of IBS and your digestive system will be lighter. If it is heavy.
After eating Luffa, the movement of the digestive system becomes normal, which does not cause both constipation and diarrhea and the stomach becomes normal.

How IBS patients can eat Luffa

Luffa is basically a vegetable, so it is more useful to eat it cooked, it can be eaten raw, but it is not good and better in terms of taste.

How to cook Luffa

It can be cooked in two ways.

  • By boiling
  • Frying

Boiled Luffa

For boiling it is boiled in plain water for 30 minutes and then salt and pepper are added to taste and the curry is prepared. Luffa is ready to eat.

Fried Luffa

To fry, first raw Luffa is cut into small pieces, boiled and then fried in cooking oil and add with salt, black pepper and light spices.
Luffa is better than Boiled Luffa in terms of taste and texture.

After eating Luffa, you must walk for half an hour, this will reduce the symptoms of IBS and you will also be able to get out of the washroom easily in the morning.

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