Is meat & meat curry useful in IBS?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disorder in which the patient suffers from various symptoms like gas, abdominal pain, cramping in the intestines, diarrhea, constipation. it makes difficult for the IBS patient to lead a normal life.

The patient is always worried because of the various symptoms mentioned above. The causes of IBS are not yet known, but it is certain that this disease starts due to an intestinal infection or some continuous mental stress. And if this disorder starts once, it stays together for a long time. Over time, the patient adapts to a diet that helps minimize symptoms. Similarly, the patient adapts to behaviors that make him happy and less stressful. If you want to know complete information about IBS than click here.

Consumption of meat and IBS

As far as the consumption of meat is concerned, it is both favorable and unfavorable in IBS. If meat is consumed properly, it does not cause symptoms, but if it is not used carefully. So it will definitely cause symptoms. The types of meat are also very significant, i.e. chicken, beef, mutton, etc. Similarly, seafood is also worth mentioning here.

Consumption of chicken and IBS

Chicken can be compatible with IBS only if it is cooked very well and does not use such items, i.e. high fodmap. But on the other hand, if the chicken meat is not well cocked, it will definitely show symptoms.

Beef curry and IBS

Beef curry is not very suitable for IBS i.e., if beef is consumed, then it will definitely show symptoms of IBS like gas and cramping in the intestines.

If the beef is eaten with a small amount of food that is compatible with the patient, the symptoms will not appear. But if larger beef content has consumed than it will last with IBS symptoms.

Mutton curry and IBS

Mutton shows less symptoms in IBS but it is very important to eat mutton only after boiling it in plenty of water with black pepper and salt. But if mutton curry with red pepper and with spices the symptoms of IBS will appear defiantly. One thing that is very important for mutton is that when a food that contains mutton (Larger amount) goes into the large intestine, it can cause some discomfort there. Therefore, along with mutton, fibrous food should be used which keeps the food soft in the intestines.

Use of fish

Fish is good for IBS and it can reduce the symptoms i.e., eating fish that has been well steamed will reduce the symptoms of IBS, but on the other hand if it has been fried. And if there are more chili spices, it will cause gas and discomfort in the gut.[1][2]STAYING SMOKE FREE (

If IBS patients want to consume meat, they must take care of the following points.

  • The meat is cooked very well.
  • Only salt and black pepper should be used in the meat.
  • Meat must be consumed fibrous vegetables.
  • Meat should not be fried in oil.
  • Meat should be eaten in proper quantity.
  • Low fodmap vegetables must be used with meat.

Resolving IBS symptoms by eating meat curry

If the meat is eaten in a proper way, then the symptoms will less visible, but like eating fried meat, with chili spices, it disturbs the entire gut.

If meat is causing the symptoms, some of the following solutions may help.

  • If you are having a stomach ache after eating meat, add two spoons of lemon juice to a glass of water and drink it.
  • If there is gas in the stomach due to meat, then by making Fennel, cinnamon, cardamom tea  and drinking it and walk for half an hour, it can be relieved.

If there is pain or cramping in the intestines after eating meat, then a proper and good solution is take two big spoon of Psyllium and eat along with it. They mix together to form a jelly-like substance that prevents food from settling in the intestines and helps it to continue its journey forward.

IBS patients, either IBS-C or IBS-D, should keep in mind that meat, once digested and reaches the large intestine, will definitely cause some degree of confusion, so the best solution is that you must use fiber with meat and drink a lot of water so that you do not complain of constipation.

Because if there is a complaint of constipation, the symptoms will have to be tolerated until the stool is passed. In IBS, meat of any kind, well-cooked and free from red chilies is favorable for IBS patients otherwise spices are not good for IBS patient gut.

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