Can I Eat Spicy Fish and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disease whose symptoms include abdominal cramping, abdominal pain, gas, constipation or diarrhea. The patient is constantly suffering from anxiety and this mental anxiety aggravates his symptoms.

The causes of IBS are not fully and clearly known yet, but it is certain that it can be caused by mental and digestive problems. Similarly, if there is a long-term infection in the gut. Symptoms also appear. If someone gets IBS once, then it goes on for a long time and it is difficult to get rid of it. stay. For detailed information about irritable bowel syndrome click here

Fish is a desirable food and is very popular in every country of the world. Its meat is low in fats which is very useful for heart patients and the fats that are present are also very beneficial to the body. [1]Full article: Interannual and Seasonal Dynamics in Lipidic Signatures of Trichiurus lepturus (

The flesh of fish is soft and it does not take long to cook. The minerals in it are also beneficial for the body. That is why every doctor in the world says that fish is a complete and good protein food. And its food is very important. On the other hand, people all over the world love to eat it.

Role of diet in IBS

Because IBS is a leading cause of gut problems, food intake should be carefully considered, and patients with IBS do the same. Patients become very careful about their diet and try to consume only those foods that give them the least amount of gas and other symptoms and keep their digestive system normal.

How to eat fish for IBS patients

Fish is a protein-rich food that is enjoyed in every region of the world and is very good for a normal person. If you are a IBS patient think first, what kind of fish is being eaten. Similarly, how is the fish cooked, whether spices are used or is it simply fried or grilled over coals.

If the fish is rich in spices, then the IBS patients will definitely show symptoms, similarly if it is cooked on plain steam without spices, it will show less symptoms. If you are eating fish with high spices than sleep will not come properly at night. So if a person is suffering from IBS and wants to eat fish, he/she can eat it in proper amount without spices, it will reduce the symptoms. On the other hand, eat fish on full stomach. If you do, the symptoms will definitely appear.

In the same way, fish made in red pepper (that enhance IBS) can cause severe pain and not very beneficial in IBS.
Fish do not exacerbate the symptoms of IBS by itself, but the spices in which the fish is made cause problems and play an important role in bringing about the symptoms of IBS. Does not show symptoms.

Stem fish in salt and pepper

Steam fish cooked in table salt and pepper is very beneficial in IBS. It does not show the symptoms of IBS and if it is IBS then it stops but we will take care that the fish remains in the black pepper. It is important not to use red pepper in it at all and also not to use spices.

On the other hand, another thing that can give you a good benefit is that you, the people who are suffering from IBS, use fish from the above mentioned. Be sure to use oranges (citrus) after eating fish and eat more malt.
By doing this you will wake up very nice and fresh in the morning and you will be free from the washroom very quickly and easily and you will not be in any pain. That is, you will not suffer from constipation due to fish meat and wash easily. 

What to do if IBS symptoms appear after eating fish

If the symptoms are showing due to eating fish, then there are some following instructions which can be of great benefit if followed.

Eating oranges

If four to five oranges are eaten immediately after eating fish, it will lead to ward the condition when deficiency less symptoms of IBS will appear.

Use of lemon

If you squeeze two lemon in water and drink two glasses immediately after eating fish, it will also help you.

Use of Psyllium (Isabgol)

Immediately after eating fish, if two spoons of Psyllium (Isabgol) are added to a glass of water and eaten, it also plays a role in reducing the symptoms. If the symptoms continue, use the medicine prescribed by the doctor as soon as possible.

And if you are not having a proper bowel movement in the morning or you are having trouble and you are in trouble, then use yogurt (in morning)  as soon as possible and add a lot of sugar in yogurt and eat it, then fill your stomach and drink water. After that they will be free from the washroom. This is mostly the case with IBS-C patients.
Don’t use sugar if you have diabetes.

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